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Upper East Music Is Not Just About Bolgatanga – Up Records’ CEO, Afabla Ayine

The Chief Executive Officer of Up Records, Afabla Ayine better known in showbiz as Castro is encouraging music audience to extend their support to artistes from other parts of the Upper East region.

This is because many talented artists in other parts of the region, the likes of Navrongo, Bawku, Paga, Tongo, and others have been left to their fate and continue to enjoy very little attention since Bolgatanga has “hijacked” the industry.

“Those so-called gatekeepers, excuse my language, it is left unto you, to now take into consideration that when we talk about Upper East Music, it doesn’t only lie within Bolgatanga. We are looking to bring all those who matter in the entertainment industry when it comes to the Upper East Region.”

“You can’t tell me that when you look in the direction of Navrongo, you can’t find someone like Alapta Wan, Carl Blinks, and others. You can’t say you can’t find someone like Kilimore who can play the role you want him to play when it comes to a programme,” he said.

According to the manager of Kilimore, the key people who are playing pivotal roles in the Region’s entertainment industry have mastered the habit of sidelining artistes from the other communities making it difficult for them to penetrate despite the much effort they are exerting because they are not based in Bolgatanga, the regional capital.

“It is left to you, the one who is giving out the names, to say that when we are considering, I think that when you look at the Navrongo-Sandema-Paga side, there are these artistes that are doing so well. Let us add them. When you look at the Bawku area, we can talk about Fresh Fire and then some other guys that are doing so well. Then, when it comes to Bolga, we can talk of Nambawan, Rockcity, Soorebia and co.,” he said.

He cited the recent Guinness Bright House event as a example of the subject matter “when I first saw the flyer and saw Larusso’s picture. I followed up saw Nambawan, Soorebia and I saw a DJ, Black Cedi from Navrongo. Then I said that okay, to a certain extent, this is a fair representation,” as quoted by A1 Radio.

This was discussed in a recent interview on A1 Radio in Bolgatanga, hosted by DJ Lexis. The topic of discussion was  “Sabotage in the entertainment industry; myth or reality?”.

SOURCE: OneMuzikGh.Com

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