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Popular and Controversial blogger,Joseph Elom Dumolga from the Upper East made a post on his Facebook wall on 29th May, 2020. On this post are list of artists being categorised as; Underated, Overrated, Worth The Hype and Trash.

According to him, he saw the lists somewhere and he decided to post it “I know i will be beaten. But i saw this somewhere. Are you underrated, overrated, worth the hype or you are doing trash? “. Said, the bloggers

The post didn’t go down well with some of the artistes who were categorized under the overrated and the trash categories, considering their hard work in the music scene, their achievements and how immensely they have contributed towards the growth of the industry. Some of the artistes who were categorized under the overrated are the “Beer” Hit makers ROCKCITY, NAMBAWAN, SHOWBWOY etc and those who were categorized under the trash were RAP BONGO, GOLD BARON, RAP NABA etc, Several rants went on social media by these artistes and some other managements.


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  1. I hope we grow and be successful in this music scene so we won’t be referred to as etc 😀😀

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