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How can you be a hero or a supper star when you can’t put smiles on the faces of your followers. Several of supper stars really tried and kept much efforts in supporting their followers in much better ways ever possible.

Few years passed, there’s been this Learning Zone Quiz organized by W Fm to bring together the various schools to compete among themselves. King Raph with his visionary leadership skills and brains thought of a way of supporting this program but we are in a deadly time bomb which is the era of the pandemic COVID-19.
King Raph designed his own branded nose mask and donated to the Quiz major organizer to give to all participants and guests around to protect themselves from this deadly virus and for the program to run smoothly. The winner school was given nose masks in addition thus Methodist School.

Hon Hafiz Bin Salih, the upper west regional minster and not forgetting of all the fans of King Raph were all given these branded nose mask to help run their daily activities and life’s much more better.

Doctors help save life at the hospital but if you protect yourself and take good care of yourself there’s a likelihood that you won’t find yourself at the hospital.
COVID-19, wear a mask and stay safe


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