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Moving forward, technology has helped in the development of many sectors of entertainment including our music industry.

Gone were the days where our musicians had to sell their music through the use of CD’s and cassettes.

In recent times, music is distibuted digitally where we either stream or download with our smartphones, tablets or computers.

The future of music is digital and this is very clear but opinions are divided between what’s the best way to get music digitally.

At the start of the 21st century, music downloads proliferated, but now streaming services have become more popular.

To download a song means, transferring the file directly to your device and it is stored on the device and can be listened to without connecting to the internet.

Streaming music is different because the music is not stored on the phone. You listen over the internet, either through wifi or mobile data.

Mostly they offer a free option with ads or metered listening, however when one subscribes for a premium tier they are ad free and gives and unlimited access to music.

✓Streaming makes music more accessible to everyone anywhere on the planet.

✓ Streaming doesn’t take up space on user’s hard drive.

✓ Streaming services offer customers a vast selection of music to choose from

✓ Most Streaming services use and depend on ads to stay in business.

So one must not be disturbed when ads keep on popping up whiles streaming.

However Streaming services are continually under fire for the lower royalties paid to artists. For example Spotify pays as little as $0.006p per stream to artists. (Before other “right holders” take a cut.)

Note that the amount of data transferred is typically equal, thus to say if an an Mp3 of a song is 4.5mb the fact doesn’t change whether you download it or stream it.

These are some streaming platforms.

√ Apple Music
√ Amazon music
√ Spotify
√ Youtube music
√ Tidal
√ Deezer
√ SoundCloud
√ Pandora
√ Napster (highest paid Streaming platform)
√ Audiomack

You may need VPN before you can access some of these platforms.

I would urge all music lovers to get these apps from Playstore or Appstore and register in order to support our Musicians by streaming their songs!.



Asonya Gh is an entrepreneur, an entertainment and lifestyle blogger based in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He is also the CEO of OneMuzikGh.Com. I am committed to making a difference in any field of work through the use of IT. With a strong desire to contribute to the development of others, I selflessly shares my IT knowledge to benefit others. Through my professional and educational abilities. I strives to make a positive impact while continuously learning and upgrading their knowledge. Join me on this journey of growth and transformation towards a better tomorrow.

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