Stunner Nation Presents To You An Upper West Peace Concert 2020.

Stunner nation is a registered music group that is located in Wa (Upper West) under the leadership of Abdul-Mumuni Dauda, one of the youngest, fast rising and most popular musicians in the region. Stunner nation was officially formed in 2017 from the then Freeking entertainment. Stunner, the main and only musician in the group has strived hard in various aspects develop both his career and the region as a whole. He has performed on big stages and has also participated in big projects both in and out of the region. Stunner has again initiated a peace concert dubbed “upper west peace concert 2020” that will use music and messages from various stakeholders to preach peace to the general public.


Winner of Hip life/ Hip-hop Artist of the Year 2020, Winner of UWECA Album of the Year 2019, Winner of PRUMAS Most Popular Song of the Year 2017, Multiple nominated NEA Artist


Peace and growth are closely interrelated. It takes a single person to initiate peace but all hands are needed on deck for peace to reign in society. For the past few years, the major threat of peace has become power struggle, specifically elections. Many peaceful countries in Africa and the world at large have drifted to dreadful war countries due to election conflicts. Ghana is yet to taste its major share of this social canker. To this end, conscious efforts are made by various stakeholders when elections draw close just to sensitize citizens on the need to maintain a peaceful country before, during and after the election. As a known voice in the region and beyond, stunner initiates a peace concert titled “Upper West Peace Concert 2020” under the theme, “Promoting peace before, during and after election 2020 through dialogue and entertainment” as a means of using his voice to contribute to peace before, during and after elections. Various stakeholders in collaboration with musicians shall use the platform to communicate peace messages to the general public, especially the youth, in an attempt to foster, protect and promote peace in the region before during and after the election.


Upper West Peace Concert 2020


“Promoting peace before, during and after election 2020 through dialogue and entertainment”


Stunner Nation


National Youth Authority, Peace Council, National Commission for Civic Education, Ghana Red Cross Society, MUSIGA




4TH December 2020


Wa Jubilee Park


To promote peace before, during and after election 2020


Create a platform to educate general public on the need to go by a peaceful election


Create a platform for various stakeholders to pass peace messages to the general public, Create a platform for various political parties to pledge peace to the public before election 2020, Use music to preach peace to the masses, Entertain and create source of exercise to the masses, Create a platform for public blood donation


Press launch of project,Release of peace, Blood donation, Floating, Delivery of peace messages by partners, Musical performance


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