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Showbwoy Soars Beyond Beats: Ghanaian Rapper Graduates with Pharmacy Degree

Ghana’s music scene is not only home to rhythmic beats and lyrical prowess but also to individuals who defy expectations. One such luminary is the award-winning rapper, Wahid Adisa, better known by his stage name Showbwoy, who recently achieved a significant milestone in his life.

On November 18, 2023, Showbwoy proudly donned his cap and gown as he graduated from the University of Development Studies (UDS), Dungu Campus in Tamale. The rapper, known for his controversial persona, took a remarkable academic journey and emerged with a degree in Pharmacy.

The 24th Congregation of the University witnessed the presence of dignitaries, including the Vice Chancellor, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo. Hailing from the Upper East Region, Showbwoy stands as one of the region’s heavyweights, his diligence and consistency not only influencing the music scene but also inspiring a new generation of artists.

Showbwoy proudly donned his cap and gown

Beyond the beats and lyrics, Showbwoy is celebrated for his energetic stagecraft, controversial nature, and hit songs like ‘JuJu’ and ‘Go Down Low.’ As he adds the title of pharmacy graduate to his repertoire, Showbwoy exemplifies the fusion of artistic prowess and academic achievement, proving that his talents extend far beyond the music studio.

Disclaimer: On the contrary, it is Showbwoy’s sister, Wahidu Shukura, who recently graduated with a BSc. in Nursing from the University of Development Studies (UDS), Dungu Campus in Tamale, on November 18, 2023.

Our intent is to provide accurate and reliable content, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter. Congratulations to Wahidu Shukura on her remarkable academic achievement.

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