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Shatta Michy Denies Hiding Son from Shatta Wale: Says “He Knows My House and My Number”

In a recent interview, Shatta Michy, the former partner of Ghanaian musician Shatta Wale, has refuted rumors of keeping their son, Majesty, away from his father. Michy emphasized that she takes great joy in ensuring that her son lacks nothing in life, despite the difficulties that come with being a single parent.

Michy addressed the issue of Shatta Wale’s alleged absence in their son’s life, stating, “When it comes to seeing the boy, you (Shatta) haven’t made that effort. I, on the other side, am taking everything cool. It is one of those things. I am not preventing him. He knows my house and phone numbers, I heard him say that I blocked his calls but my other number is online, everybody knows it strangers even call me.”

The singer-turned-television presenter expressed her frustration with the lack of proper and mature communication from Shatta Wale when it comes to their son. She emphasized that her son, Majesty, has not shown any signs of missing his father, indicating that the absence of a bond between them is due to the lack of effective communication.

Addressing the challenges she faces as a single mother, Michy described herself as a hardworking woman who is determined to provide for her child’s well-being. She revealed that she has multiple streams of income and continues to explore additional opportunities. Michy expressed her gratitude for being able to provide for her child without having to rely on others, saying, “I thank God, I don’t have to beg to feed my child… it doesn’t come easy. I have about three streams of income, and I am still looking for more. The bills get bigger, but I am also trying to devise ways.”

Despite the obstacles she faces, Michy’s resilience and determination enable her to ensure that her son, Majesty, is well taken care of. She remains committed to providing a fulfilling life for him, even in the absence of his father’s active involvement.

While the challenges of co-parenting can be demanding, Michy’s openness about the situation sheds light on the importance of effective communication and mutual effort in maintaining a healthy bond between parents and their children.

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