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Sambwoy fast growth in music pattern is Incredible – Qobrahbeatz acknowledged

Growth is an essential aspect of every aspect of life. When individuals consistently engage in a particular activity, with a commitment to learning and improvement, they can excel in their chosen field. In hindsight, one may receive recognition for their progress from mentors or individuals with expertise in the subject matter.

Qobrahbeatz, a highly regarded producer hailing from the upper west region, has collaborated with numerous musicians both within and outside the region. He has successfully produced hit songs for renowned artists such as Wiz Maleek, Best Gally, Fancy Gadam, Samini, Ramz Nic, and Sambwoy. Recently, Qobrahbeatz publicly acknowledged Sambwoy for his incredible advancement in his craft, specifically highlighting his growth in lyrical prowess and understanding of music patterns.

Qobrahbeatz, being well-versed in the intricacies of music and entertainment, expressed his admiration for Sambwoy’s talent on Facebook. He commended the musician for his conscious growth and maturity in his music. Qobrahbeatz was impressed by Sambwoy’s grasp of music patterns since he started releasing songs towards his album launch, and he expressed his astonishment at witnessing such rapid improvement in Sambwoy’s abilities. Refer to the screenshot below for the exact Facebook post.

However the talented musician is set to launch his second studio album; Tiehisung Album on 1st March, 2024 at In-service-training center in the Wa Municipal. Some artistes that will be gracing the concert notably are; Ganani, Pop Cee,Don Waani and many other incredible young arts including a surprise artiste.

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