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With the recent uproar and contenplation about the impact of the Lioness of Africa,Wiyaala, following coments made by some industry players which clearly disreagard her and her presents in the Ghana Entertainment fraternity. Mumuni Haruna, known much as Harun Stone, an entertainment pundit in the Upper West Region see it the other way round.
According to him, there are lots actuality and certainty to certify her substencial impact on the Ghana Entertainment industry as a female Ghanain artist. He gathered and charged his points with a question as “What makes a musician counts in an industry or a locality?” and he elaborated it with the following projections.
1. Presence in Ghana
Wiyaala is from Ghana, started her music career in Ghana and lives in Ghana. She host programs that are patronized by Ghanaians in Ghana. Just last week she was in Accra to host Tv programs and unless you are telling us Accra is now Burkina Faso. So even if “your Ghana” in referring to Accra, But she still counts as a Ghanaian female musician.
2. Active in Ghana
Wiyaala has been very active with releasing of records or songs which gains airplay’s on our media landscape and gets patronage from Ghanaians, she also host programs in Ghana ass well. Just this Covid 19 season, she hosted several virtual Concerts at her hometown, how many of your so called “counted Ghanaian female artists” did that?
3. Relevance in Ghana
Wiyaala ever since her emergence has been very relevant and has chopped a lot of local and international successes, she is one of the very few Ghanaian musicians raising the flags of Ghana high.
4. Recognition in Ghana
Wiyaala gains a lot of recognition from outfits and institutions in Ghana. He has been on a lot of Campaigns both local and abroad.
A-She has a song currently encouraging the eating of local rice amongst other projects that seeks to project women and young girls.
B- She hosted a project with UNICEP on open deification in Ghana last year.
These among others.
5. Inspiration/Influence in Ghana
Wiyaala has inspired a lot of young girls an females to be more natural. She is inspiring girls and youth in her hometown to strives for greatness in their dreams. She is mentoring a lot of young females to dream big or step out to challenge bitter lives for their dreams. That makes her works international initiatives in Ghana the likes of BBC,CNN,UNICEF among others.
6. Presence and Promotion of Ghana;
Wiyaala has always represented and promoted Ghana everywhere she goes even from her home, she hosts friends and fans of her music in her hometown where she always treats them to our local dishes and lifestyle. She sings in Ghanaian languages that is Waale/Dagaare and Sisale . She promotes and projects Ghana than any of your so called counted Ghanaian females combined.
So the fact that she explores her greater opportunities abroad doesn’t mean she isn’t a Ghanaian musician. She has a house in Wa and Funsi her hometown where she stays after her Tours abroad , she is currently in Ghana her hometown where she sings and perform to motivate and inspire young music prospects to other other entertainment talents in her hometown.
The fact that she doesn’t record and dump her songs on free sites for free downloads doesn’t mean her songs are not patronized in Ghana.
The fact that she doesn’t fake her life and looks doesn’t mean she isn’t liked by Ghanaian music fans.
The fact that she doesn’t live a very glamorous lifestyle doesn’t mean she ceases to be a Ghanaian musician.
The fact that she doesn’t Feature on your type of programs doesn’t mean she doesn’t Feature other programs.
All those so call pundits that speaks ill about her brand are the very people that never helps in pushing her. So if people abroad appreciate her talent more than you Ghanaians doesn’t mean she isn’t a Ghanaian female musician now. What are your so call female musicians doing in Ghana that she isn’t doing? Or is it because she doesn’t sings in your languages ? Or doesn’t the type of music you guys wants?
What authority or facts or indicators do you establish to make your conclusion?


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