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Ratty Bangarang Shares New Song ‘Yah Man’

In early 2022, Ratty Bangarang pledged to release a new song, ‘Yah Man’ by the beginning of 2023. That prospect feels unlikely at this point, but today (February 13, 2023), the promising dancehall luminary has returned with a new offering from his unreleased ‘discography’.

The Jamaican patois expression “Yah Man” can be translated as an appropriate greeting. As a result, he will be able to establish his firm hold on the Dancehall title and gain a significant advantage over his peers with the help of this song, which will help him spread the word to everyone both inside and outside of his territory.

Enriched with musical elements (melody, harmony, structure, texture, a little bit of rhythm, and a seemed-unorthodox tempo), Ratty Bangarang rides the beat with a little bit of relaxation to give it a timely exciting creation.

The Eil-produced song has a replay value that is capable of topping your playlist for some time.

Stream from your favorite Music platform below

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