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Ratty Bangarang Set to Tackle Controversies in the Upper East Music Industry with New Song ‘Industreet

Ratty Bangarang, the renowned Reggae/Dancehall artist hailing from the Northern part of Ghana, is gearing up to address the ongoing controversies plaguing the Upper East music industry. With his much-anticipated new song titled ‘Industreet,’ he aims to shed light on the challenges faced by artists in the region.

Sulemana Zulkarnain, widely known by his stage name Ratty Bangarang, has consistently delivered chart-topping hits throughout his career. His previous releases such as “Yaayi” featuring Fad Lan, “Naughty lover” featuring Danny Beats, and his latest track “Yah Man” have garnered massive acclaim and amassed a large following.

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The Upper East music industry has recently been embroiled in various controversies, and Ratty Bangarang’s decision to address these issues in his upcoming song has sparked considerable anticipation among fans and industry insiders alike. While the specific topics he will tackle remain undisclosed, his track record suggests that his lyrics will be thought-provoking and socially conscious.

As fans eagerly await the release of ‘Industreet,’ speculations are rife regarding the nature of the controversies Ratty Bangarang will shed light on. The artist’s dedication to delivering powerful messages through his music has earned him a reputation for being unafraid to tackle societal issues and voice the concerns of his community.

Ratty Bangarang’s ‘Industreet’ is expected to create a significant impact, not only within the Upper East music scene but also across Ghana and beyond. As his previous songs have resonated deeply with listeners, fans are eagerly anticipating how his latest release will contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the challenges faced by artists in the region.

To stay up-to-date with the latest developments surrounding Ratty Bangarang’s new song, ‘Industreet,’ be sure to keep an eye on this site as we provide you with updates and insights into the artist’s forthcoming release. With Ratty Bangarang’s lyrical prowess and ability to capture the essence of pressing social issues, ‘Industreet’ promises to be a captivating and thought-provoking addition to his impressive discography.


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