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PorduCare TouchLife: Empowering Young Girls in Poru, Savannah Region

Empowering Young Girls in Poru, Savannah Region

On June 8, 2024, PorduCare TouchLife, in collaboration with Ghana Child and Education Advocacy, successfully implemented a comprehensive menstrual hygiene program in Poru, Sawla, Tuna, Kalba district of the Savannah Region. This milestone event demonstrated their commitment to promoting menstrual hygiene and supporting vulnerable communities.

Girls and Women displaying their packs of Sanitary Pad

Despite initial challenges, they educated over 100 young girls and their families on menstrual hygiene, providing them with essential knowledge and resources. The program focused on empowering girls with proper menstrual care, including sanitary pad use and disposal. Each participant received five packs of sanitary pads, generously donated by their supporters, to last them five months.

Menstrual Hygiene Education with girls and Women

The program also engaged parents, emphasizing their critical role in providing basic needs like sanitary pads for their daughters’ health, well-being, and protection. By fostering mutual respect and understanding within families, they aim to enhance support systems and prioritize children’s needs.

This community-driven initiative highlights the importance of addressing public health issues through education and support. By empowering young girls and their families, they are taking crucial steps toward a healthier, more empowered generation.

They extend their gratitude to their volunteers, donors, and the community for their dedication and support. PorduCare TouchLife and Ghana Child and Education Advocacy remain committed to expanding their reach, breaking the cycle of menstrual stigma, and ensuring every girl has the resources to manage her menstrual health with confidence and dignity.

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