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Respected comrades,I have been with you for some time now and I have being a loyal fun of High Grade Family and even a die-hard fun when Samini was still with Ashanti International before he formed his own label Samini Music and subsequently this current unique name and brand we all stood by and defended day and night.

My fellow Highgraders,some where last year December, our legend Samini came down to shoot a video for the untamed intro and he was welcomed and crowned a chieftancy role known as “Pibilinaa” which literally means King of Rocks and the whole Ghana was talking about the love shown to him by his home town and the sort of hard work that was put in place by his funs in Wa.

Dear Highgraders, alot was discussed during his encounter with the overlord of Wa Naa Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpou IV,he Samini said ” that he was coming to do a home coming show and that it was going to be an annual event starting from this year 2019″ infact he even stressed that it was going to happen early this year.

Colleague die hard funs of HGF, the over Lord of Wa required certain things from Samini and I will try as much as to remember some.

He asked that Samini to try all his best to help some few local artists from Wa to also gain enough fame like he has being doing for other artist elsewhere and he, Samini agreed and promised to help.

Again,the Wa Naa also request that, Samini should try his best to grace the annual Dumba festival concert which is always organized at the forecourt of the Palace and again Samini agreed to join and add color to the program.

Dear Highgraders, as we are all aware the Dumba celebration is scheduled to start from 9th of next month and from the program outlined, there is no portion that seems to suggest our favorite and legendary Samini is going to bless the occasion.

Now to the bone of contention, will Samini honor the invitation that was extended to him by the overlord of Waala traditional area come what may.

If he fails to honor this golden opportunity to unite with his roots,how will naysayers see us the funs in Wa and what will be the response should people say our icon is not respecting his people and for that matter he is not fit to be enskinned as a chief in front of Wa Naa.

Before I forget, what happened to the promised he made on Radio Poupeli regarding the collaboration with the artist that emerges as the Progress artist of the Year award.

How will the said local artist and his funs see Samini and his funs since he fails to honor his word.

In as much he Samini is busy or tight in his schedules but he should always try his possible best to respond to the concerns of his people or respect his roots.

Comrades of HGF, we all know Ayigbe Edem started organizing Edem Fest in his home town Hohoe and this year too it will be happening there live.

Stoneboy has also been organizing shows for Ashaiman which is dube as Ashaiman to the world, where he grew up but at the same time have being going to his home town to do shows but the same cannot be said about the person that groom and made him to master his talent.

Intact,Stonebowy will be hosting his annual Bhim Concert in Tamale and that will definitely be a hit program.

Samini,our brother,our son,our father,our icon and our legend is yet to even host a free show in Wa for almost a decade.

The last show he did in Wa was somewhere in 2010 October and it was under the auspices of the UK High Commission and it was termed as Wa rides with UK.

The big question is Why is Samini not doing enough to connect with local artists in the Upper West and the entire fun base of the Region.

Outlining this flaws doesn’t suggest I’m no more with HGF but I only want Samini and Management to know that he Samini has home town and they have never failed to support him since he started doing music so he can’t and I repeat he cannot turn his back to his roots anytime they require his service.

Hope this will get to the legendary Samini and his management African One Media before some of us feels disappointed in them.

HGF cannot dishonor our king and his request.

I’m still comrade of HGF and we must say the truth at all times.

Long live Samini
Long live HGF
Long live to all of us

Written by : Salifu Abdul Rashid aka Nettwork


Asonya Gh is an entrepreneur, an entertainment and lifestyle blogger based in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He is also the CEO of OneMuzikGh.Com. I am committed to making a difference in any field of work through the use of IT. With a strong desire to contribute to the development of others, I selflessly shares my IT knowledge to benefit others. Through my professional and educational abilities. I strives to make a positive impact while continuously learning and upgrading their knowledge. Join me on this journey of growth and transformation towards a better tomorrow.

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