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Ownerbowy (RMC) Unveils Uplifting Anthem ‘Testimony’ Featuring Danni Quest

Talented artist Akwara Aaron, known as Ownerbowy (RMC), has dropped his much-anticipated track titled ‘Testimony.’ Collaborating with the soulful melodic singer Abota Danial, also recognized as Danni Quest, Ownerbowy follows up the success of his recent release, ‘Hustle and Prayers,’ featuring Pandy Bobby.

‘Testimony’ carries a powerful message centered around unyielding faith in the presence of God, conveying the artist’s belief that no obstacle is too formidable with divine guidance. The uplifting lyrics echo resilience and determination, making it a motivational anthem for those overcoming challenges on the path to success.

Listen to the inspiring track [HERE] and share in the empowering journey captured by Ownerbowy and Danni Quest.

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