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Open letter to Upper West musicians-Ali Abdul Samad |OneMuzikGh

Sometimes I sit and think of the resources that are available for the growth of upper west Music Industry and rejoice for the many blessings. However my happiness comes to an immediate end when I remember that these many blessings are almost always put to no use at all.

A region with about 10 radio stations, many DJS and entertainment presenters who are always discussing and playing our very own songs on air for free. Entertainment programs on all radio stations which hosts musicians on weekly and sometimes daily basis all for no charge at all.

A region with good performing websites and bloggers. Competitive sites that blog songs and stories at almost no cost (something for data or free at times) and still go ahead to promote these songs across social media.

A region with excellent sound engineers who charge the least in the whole of Ghana for production.

A region with many entertainment funs who discuss music almost all the time on media.

Yet it surprises me how all these resources are utilized.

I sit from afar and see other musicians from outside the region who see these blessings and stretch all the way in to tap from our reserves whilst our very own people disregard them.

Musicians sit from their regions ans call on our radios and websites for their materials to be promoted whilst our very own insult them.

For our sound engineers, it hurts me the most. In December 2019 when a riddim was produced by Gally for all artist, how many known artist jumped on that riddim?

The recent one is the oga kpatakpata riddim from quobrahbeats, how many main stream artist jumped on it? The likes of (but not limited to) Stunner, Typanza, Glee jeezy, Queenzy Bana, Rekordz, Dagara, Suntaama, Gally, gamebwoy, Willy baed, Wiz Malik, Saadia, Nashberry, Merda Thugx and ojay who are supposed to make it competitive rather see it as degrading to their brands.

The thing is that you disregard our very own and see it as unnecessary or degrading whilst chasing for riddims from the south where your efforts are never even recognized. The likes of bibiiba, fuck you, #bringbackazonto and other riddims especially from Sarkodie. I hope you don’t normally get disappointed when you are disregarded there too.

Allow me some space to give my short advice, as a musician, fall in love and appreciate what we have in the region and grow with it. Participate in our regional riddims, use and appreciate our media houses and get all the fame, recognition and support down here, when you get appreciated here, you shall be appreciated by the outside world. Instead of running after them, let’s create our own path and our destination shall not be inferior to theirs.

My humble submission…. I stand to be corrected.

A. A. Samad


Asonya Gh is an entrepreneur, an entertainment and lifestyle blogger based in the Upper West Region of Ghana. He is also the CEO of OneMuzikGh.Com. I am committed to making a difference in any field of work through the use of IT. With a strong desire to contribute to the development of others, I selflessly shares my IT knowledge to benefit others. Through my professional and educational abilities. I strives to make a positive impact while continuously learning and upgrading their knowledge. Join me on this journey of growth and transformation towards a better tomorrow.

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