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The streets PRO – “Nambawan” of Westside Entertainment is set to drop “The Message Part 2”, and this time it is majorly based on rural Urban migration.

In the 2010 population census projections indicated that by 2020 rural-to- urban migrants will make up 1.9 million which is approxiamately equal as the population of the whole of the Upper East Region of Ghana, as worrying as this may be Nambawan is set to focus on narrowing the curve of migrants from the north to the south .

He (Nambawan) said, “a lot of our people travel and forget where they come from, Ignoring parents and relatives to starveto death while enjoying lives and the majority living in unbearable conditions in the urban cities. He added that someeven go the extreme of losing their cultural identity and values as well as changing their names to southern names and etc. And as an agent of change, he added that music is one of the most instrumental tools to change this narrative  “ I want to start with what I can impact continually through my music for my people as I did with (the message part 1)”.

(The Message Part 1) was an aggressive and stern message  to our policy makers and entrants in the Bolgatanga municipality and the northern province as a whole on how calamitous and source of terror our roads have turn into, and without exaggeration, in the ensuing noise and pleads through the song, the stakeholders took to heart and fixed our potholes. That’s a lot of impact that can never be overemphasized.

He concluded; by highlighting that “my management (Westside Entertainment) are doing their best when it comes to finance, but it will take a lot more cash flow to make this project bigger and serve a greater course which is aimed at bridging the gap between the northern and southern sectors of Ghana through music. So we hereby humbly seek investors on board to expand,excel I mean. Yes. Like something happens, a lot of people know. and make this bigger and better. everyone is welcome”.


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