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My fashion sense is not to impress others – Kuami Eugene responds to critics

Ghanaian highlife and Afrobeats musician, Kuami Eugene, has responded to criticisms regarding his fashion choices.

The musician has been receiving backlash from some fans and critics who feel his outfits are too flashy and unfit for a public figure.

In an interview on the Delay Show, Kuami Eugene defended his fashion sense, saying it was a crucial aspect of show business.

“I will say some of the things that I do to  for examples the Rags to Riches look was intentional because I’m coming out with an album titled Rags To Riches that speaks about me from the slums wher I came from to me being the Kuami Eugene I am today so one of me was representing the streets and one part representing the riches that’s how come I was a clean and rugged outfit,” he explained.

The musician, who has won several awards including the VGMA Artiste of the Year in 2020, emphasized that he was not bothered by the criticisms and was only focused on his music and brand.

According to Kuami Eugene he as an artist should be free to express himself in his own unique fashion choices and that his style is a critical part of his brand.

“I know how to dress, I’m an Akyem man. My fashion sense is not to impress others. It’s showbiz, sometimes getting people to talk is part of it” he added.

Kuami Eugene also acknowledged that the people who are constantly bashing him for his looks and comparing him with Kidi also turn back to lampoon his style.

“The same people criticizing me were also laughing at Kidi that he’s gone to wear ‘Tunabu’ so you can’t really put their thinking a bracket,” he said.

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