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My Daughter Is Not A Bad Girl – Yaa Jackson’s father

OFTEN times the way and manner young Kumawood actress, model and musician, Yaa Jackson, carries herself makes people have a very bad impression of her. 
Yaa Jackson usually shows a lot of flesh in pictures she posts on social media and even though she recently became a mother, not much has changed in that area.

Graphic Showbiz caught up with her movie producer father Jackson K. Bentum who was quick to come to his daughter’s defense.

“My daughter is not a bad girl like people think. You see, it is only when you are very popular that people talk about you so that is what is happening with my daughter.

“I don’t feel bad as her father when people talk about her because I know that is how showbiz is, people will definitely talk about you once you are in the limelight so I don’t have any issues with that at all.

“Yaa Jackson is not a bad girl and everyone who knows her up close and personal knows that, take it from me. She is only playing her role as somebody in show business, that is all there is to it. When you see her in all those skimpy outfits, she is only modeling for clothing brands because she is a model,” he said.

According to Jackson Bentum, Yaa Jackson doesn’t wear those kind of revealing clothes when she was out and about, “You won’t see my daughter in those clothes on everyday basis, it is only when she is doing photo shoots and as I stated earlier, she models for a lot of clothing lines.

“Yaa Jackson is a well-brought-up child and she is very far away from the bad girl tag which has been given her by Ghanaians, she is a very well-behaved person and everyone who knows her personally can attest to that, I am not saying this because I am her father but it is the Gospel truth”, he added.

Away from his daughter to the movie industry, Jackson Bentum said they(Kumawood producers) were now shooting a lot of TV series.

“What we now do is TV series which we give to the television stations and that is going very well so I guess we will continue with that.

“We still shoot few movies for YouTube and that is also not doing badly but the main focus for now is on the TV series for the Akan-speaking TV stations, the reception is very good so we are excited about it and motivated to do more”, he stated.


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