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Mohamed Abdul Fatawu popularly known as Dj Zolah who is a prolific radio presenter at Neesim Fm gave out his unsolicited opinion to Mohammed Afiz aka Mr. Trender.

In reference to the information gotten by OneMuzikGh after digging more about this problematic issue, G Face aka Mr. Trender who is an unflagging Northern Television NTV presenter on 22nd September 2020, defended Fancy Gadam fearlessly about the circulating audio of a person seriously begging for love from an anonymous lady, purported to be Fancy Gadam during the popular NTV show call Dichana (Trending).

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DJ Zola made a point on his timeline that there is no need for G Face to impress Artistes in order to remain relevant in the industry since he is already pertinent. Meaning G Face should not have defended 1DON.

“To be honest, Mohammed Hafiz aka Gee Face should know he is a star now. You don’t need to impress artists to push your brand. You have made it already. By the way, when is Don Ziggy coming? #Malema” said by Dj Zolah

G Face got irked after seeing the epilogue putten out there by Dj Zola since his way of understanding the write-up may be different from how the columnist fathom it.

“So if I refuse to host Don Ziggy Because I don’t want to use him to impress my self or Status. .You Will go back and say I hate him …No problem it is expected” said, G Face



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