MatterChopHot: Striker De Donzy Fires Back At Omario After Omario Accused Him Of Sleeping With His Girlfriend [+Photo] | OneMuzikGh

The self-acclaimed mamprugu ruler fires back at Omario after Omario and his friends accused him of bonking his girlfriend.

There is an unsatisfied buzz circulating everywhere that the mamprugu burgeoning music icon, Adamu Mashud who is popularly known by his stage name as Striker De Donzy had an affair with one of the North East upcoming artistes lady love.

The ASadaachi hitmaker has tried all means to clear the general public dubious minds that he didn’t do such a thing, hence it’s a pure abhorrent from his antagonists which yields no fruitful results.

Striker De Donzy now decided to take it the hard way as the saying goes “If Persuasion fails, force must be applied” because the mockery on him is now getting out of restraint.

Striker De Donzy stated it clearly that he does not fu**ed kids but only grown-ups which is a direct insult to Omario including his amiable girlfriend.

It’s pure hatred bro
I Dey chop grown ladies not kiddies” he said this under a post made by Afa Zakaria Gh

This whole saga happened at Fancy Gadam’s Dream Album tour at Nalerigu

Also, listen to this below!



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