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Makbul Dumba is honored with a prestigious recognition for his exceptional blogging skills by the Upper West Tertiary Awards

Makbul Dumba honored with a citation

Makbul Dumba, also known as Issah Dumba Makbul, has on 26th January, 2024 received well-deserved recognition for his outstanding contributions at Adding yet another commendation to his accomplishments, he was honored with a prestigious citation from the Upper West Tertiary Awards.

Makbul Dumba, a prominent blogger residing in the Upper West Region and playing a crucial role at, has consistently showcased his unwavering commitment and expertise in the field of blogging in the year 2023. With his relentless work, he has played a significant role in shining a brighter spotlight on the dynamic music and entertainment industry of the Upper West.

Makbul Dumba’s influence on the world of blogging is unquestionable. His talent for producing captivating narratives and timely content has established a fresh benchmark for professionalism, elevating him to a revered position within the industry.

The certificate, appropriately named “Citation of Appreciation: presented to (,” was officially awarded to Makbul Dumba. This recognition serves as undeniable proof of his outstanding efforts in promoting event content, strengthening his status as an influential and innovative figure in the media scene of Upper West.

Makbul Dumba’s dedication to highlighting the vibrancy of the Upper West’s music scene and cultural entertainment not only boosted his own success but also significantly contributed to the region gaining recognition and visibility.

To work with Makbul Dumba, WhatsApp him on 0506273164 or follow him on all social media pages as Makbul Dumba.

Makbul Dumba

Makbul Dumba is a dynamic and driven young Blogger and Writer who possesses a great deal of motivation,passion,and creativity. Known for his problem-solving-skills, he has garnered significant acclaim as a committed Blogger and promoter. For writing, Artist or event Promotion contact me on 0240674235 or

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