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Kejetia Market Catches Fire

There is a fire outbreak at the new Kejetia Market in Kumasi.

Kejetia Market on fire

The inferno gutted parts of the Ashanti regional facility on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

Officials from the Ghana National Service (GNFS) are at the scene doing their best to douse the fire.

Kejetia Market on fire

It is yet unclear what triggered the outbreak.

Kejetia Market on fire

Traders affected by the incident are wailing while they try to salvage as many items as they can.

Fire tenders have also been sighted on the scene.

Kejetia Market on fire

The part of the market which is under fire is known as ‘Dubai’ where items such as car tires are sold.

Kejetia Market on fire

A young lady is also reported to have jumped from a building to save her life.

Kejetia Market on fire

Some of the victims who collapsed due to the smoke were carried to health facilities nearby.

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