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Joseph Elom Dumolga, the blogger, once again dragged people into bit thoughts and rants under a post that he made about one of Upper East Local guitarist, “KOLOGO” mega stars by name ATIMBILA.

Comparing the Legend OKOMFOUR KWADEE who astounds so many people with his current appearance to ATIMBILA who was a topic in the music scene, years back after collaborating with SARKODIE with a stunning tune tagged “Sister Wo P3 Ni3 Na” but almost got out of the music scene off late. “I want to connect the plight of OKONFOUR KWADEE to analogous problem regarding our own talented ATIMBILA…” Said Joseph Elom Dumolga

After some few minutes later, he came back with another post which went strictly and directly to WEST GEE aka MR.WEST, the CEO Of WestSide Entertainment, putting the blames of ATIMBILA’S plight on the innocent soul. He said “From what I’m learning, Atimbila is under Westside Entertainment.
Primarily, West Gee and others are charged to oversee his welfare.
You guys need to cater well for him and not allow him become a laughing stock in the Bolgatanga Municipality and beyond.
Get him into a rehab to begin his recuperation period”.

Joseph’s blames didn’t go well with the Entertainment pundit, West Gee which triggered him into expressing how unhappy he was seeing such blames made by Joseph Elom Dumolga on him, also, he made it obvious on his wall that ATIMBILA was not with him any longer “How can you blame someone’s drunkenness on an innocent #RASTA_MAN that don’t smoke and drink …your hate is a disease now…..when this gets out of hand no one should blame no one …#good_over_evil” Said WEST GEE.

As if that was not enough, Joseph wrote again saying “All that I can say is, not all men with dread are wise.PEACE.”

Let’s wait for how the other side will respond. Until then, visit OneMuzikGh.Com everyday for a fresh juicy updates


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