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Jirapa’s widow receives both items and cash from the kind-hearted donation facilitated by rapper Harmless Vid.

Rapper Harmless Vid donate items and cash to a widow in Jirapa

In the early days of December 2023, in Jirapa, Upper West Region of Ghana, an emotional encounter occurred which had a profound impact on the life of a struggling widow.
Harmless Vid, a two-time best rapper in the region, joined forces with Zion Flex, a popular entertainment blogger, to make a difference.

During Zion Flex’s visit to the Jirapa municipality, the compassionate duo came across a destitute woman in hardship. Once news of her situation spread, fans and the public generously contributed to help alleviate her struggles. To shed light on the widow’s plight, Harmless Vid, an iconic rap artist, and Zion Flex used their influential platforms.

On December 28th, 2023, Harmless Vid took a meaningful step by presenting a care package containing a bag of rice, a gallon of oil, and various food items. In addition to this package, an undisclosed amount of money was handed over to the widow, along with a wheelchair to improve her mobility.

These essential items were made possible through the generous contributions of Harmless Vid’s fans and other individuals who were deeply moved by the widow’s story. Displaying his commitment to the community, Harmless Vid also made a personal donation to ensure the widow’s ongoing well-being.

The grateful widow expressed her heartfelt thanks to Harmless Vid, also known as ‘The Grace’ crooner, as well as to Zion Flex and their team for using their platforms to create positive content. This heartwarming initiative serves as proof of the impact compassionate individuals like Harmless Vid and Zion Flex can have on the lives of those in need, fostering a spirit of generosity and kindness within the community.

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