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Jah Bless Clinches Industry Person Of The Year at Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards 2023

At the recent Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards 2024, the spotlight shone brightly on Atanga Alex, widely known as Jah Bless, as he secured the esteemed title of “Industry Person Of The Year.” The awards ceremony, held at the Gnat Hall in Bolgatanga on January 5, 2023, witnessed Jah Bless surpassing notable contenders for this prestigious accolade.

Competing against individuals of influence in the industry, Jah Bless emerged victorious, triumphing over Ayaaba Abdul Aziz (DJ SMART), Abanga Younglife, DJ ALUTHER, and Prince Bossman.

Jah Bless, also recognized as the host of “Showbiz Hour” on Dreamz FM in Bolgatanga, has undoubtedly made significant contributions to the local music scene. His win as Industry Person Of The Year serves as a testament to his dedication and impact on the Upper East music industry.

The Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards continues to shine a spotlight on the talent and industry professionals who contribute to the vibrant music culture of the region. Jah Bless’s recognition is well-deserved, and his presence on the Bolgatanga airwaves continues to be a driving force in promoting and supporting the local music community. Congratulations to Jah Bless on this outstanding achievement!

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