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I’m Too Tall For Someone To Pose As My Lookalike – E.L

E.L., the renowned Ghanaian rapper and singer, has recently addressed the trend of fans posing as lookalikes of celebrities in the music industry. Known for his height, E.L. emphasized that finding someone who resembles him would be quite challenging due to his towering stature.

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In an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye, the artist behind the hit song ‘Koko,’ E.L. expressed his thoughts on the absence of a look-alike claiming to be him, unlike other popular stars like Fameye, King Promise, Medikal, and Kuami Eugene, who have had their doppelgängers emerge online.

The talented rapper confidently stated, “As for me, I’m too tall for a look-alike. Nobody is as tall as me, so unless you find someone who matches my height, they can be my look-alike.” His distinctive height sets him apart and makes it difficult for someone to convincingly portray him.

Beyond his music career, E.L. opened up about his ventures outside the industry during a candid interview with Sika Osei. The artist, who received the prestigious VGMA Artiste of the Year award in 2016, revealed his involvement in delivering meals to private homes and offices. He expressed his enthusiasm for this unconventional endeavor, highlighting the importance of venturing out of one’s comfort zone.

“I loved it,” E.L. shared. “It’s a different world out there, and perception is everything. People perceive ‘You are delivering food today’ as some yawa thing, but when you are actually out there and you do it, it’s a hustle. The secret to wealth creation is to have as many hustles as you can.”

E.L.’s willingness to explore various avenues for income generation exemplifies his entrepreneurial mindset. He recognizes the value of diversifying one’s endeavors and seizing opportunities outside the realm of music.

As fans continue to appreciate E.L.’s unique talent and towering presence, it is evident that his remarkable height sets him apart not only from his peers but also from potential look-alikes. With his confident stance on the matter and his ventures beyond music, E.L. demonstrates his multifaceted nature and his commitment to personal growth and success.

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