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Whiles other D’js are doing it for free, some are making money out of their profession, Rahaman Hakeem known much as Dj Anada said he is the highest paid DJ in the upper west region considering the kind of brand he holds and the kind of programs he is honored with which puts cash in his pocket.

Speaking to DJ Anada on an interview on GBC Radio Upper West’s  E-Hub hosted by Ike, he attested to the fact that his colleague D’Js are spoiling the market as stated early on by DJ Cupid  but he is not worried because he is the highest paid DJ.

Aside he being an official DJ for Wisdom music record label in the upper west region, he has being one of the DJs most event organizers uses because of his experience in the job of which he stated openly and clearly that he earns a living on DJ’ing.

According to DJ Anada, he is having two laptops, a brand new motor bike, he eats better food, sleeps in a better room, and his fashion sense to every program is taken care of by Fashion house, one of the best Boutiques in the upper west region owned by a renowned Fashionist known by many as Fashion King of which he said he spends 100s of Ghana Cedis on.

“Every property of mine is gotten through my DJ’ing and I’m the highest paid DJ in upper west, if any DJ thinks he is paid higher than me, he should come and prove it’’, He threw a challenge.

His major source of income he said is events and radio which has made him one of the best and highest paid DJs in upper west region even though others are making the profession cheap.

He finally urge colleague DJs to be serious with the DJ’ing profession as he has taken it as a full time job of which he is earning a living.

Story: Ike


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