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I’m Looking Forward To Collaborating With Shatta Wale – Bill Gucci of Alaye Geng

Bill Gucci's Musical Aspirations Soar: Dreams of Collaborating with Shatta Wale for Career Elevating Fusion

In the dynamic realm of Ghanaian music, rising rapper Bill Gucci, the lead rapper of the music duo Alaye Geng, is setting his sights on a collaboration that could redefine his trajectory. In a recent interview on Kessbem TV hosted by Nana Osei Kesse (Mr. BONEZ), Bill Gucci expressed his admiration for Shatta Wale and the aspiration to collaborate with the influential artist.

Bill Gucci commended Shatta Wale’s honesty, highlighting the artist’s unapologetic commitment to speaking the truth, even when it’s hard-hitting. This characteristic struck a chord with Bill Gucci, who values the authenticity and candor that Shatta Wale brings to the industry.

Responding to the host’s inquiry about dream collaborations, Bill Gucci swiftly named Shatta Wale as the artist he is eagerly looking forward to working with. He believes that a collaboration with Shatta Wale holds the potential to not only boost his career but also propel him to unprecedented heights within the music scene.

The interview also served as a platform for Bill Gucci to promote his latest release, ‘Money Soon,’ featuring YPee and Blacq Tachi. Additionally, he shared exciting details about his upcoming EP scheduled for release in January 2024.

Yitah Wilbur Wejah, known as Bill Gucci, continues to navigate the Ghanaian music landscape with a keen eye on collaboration dreams and a deep respect for the authenticity embodied by Shatta Wale. As he paves his way in the industry, a collaboration with Shatta Wale could mark a significant milestone in Bill Gucci’s burgeoning career.

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