“If you don’t have a privilege of connecting to Jesus,you have no future” – Rev.Doctor Lawrence Teteh .

The Founder of World Wide Miracle Outreach Rev.Dr.Lawrence Tetteh on 15th March 2019 honoured an invitation by Ghana Fellowship of Evangelical Students GHAFES UDS Wa Campus to impact in the lives of Students on UDS Wa Campus and the region at large.

The anointed minister Rev.Doctor Lawrence Tetteh who passed through the Poupel live Worship hosted By Suglo Prosper known much as Snr.Prof spoke powerfully to the people of the upper west region on his mission.

Having been to the region in 1984( 35 years) and this being his second time in the upper west region, blessed the region as he elaborated on the topic for the programme held in UDS Wa Campus Jesus can save
Rev.Dr.Lawrence Tetteh said “Jesus Christ is still in the business of changing lives,it doesn’t matter your situation or where you come from ,God can change and still changing lives and If you don’t have a privilege of connecting to Jesus, you have no future. Talking about hope Rev.Dr.Lawrence Tetteh said Politicians don’t have solutions to one’s problem but the master Savior which is Jesus Christ. He added that the people in the region needs a miracle which can be gotten from no other than the lord Jesus Christ which is his main reason he was in the region,he added that every human being needs a miracle and he was in the region for a miracle.

When he was asked how the youth that could have used their strength to serve God in their youthful ages now using and wasting it in Political Vigilantism ,he said its a collective responsibility, urging the political leaders to come together in massive unity and stop leap services by walking the talk. ” This Nonses must stop ” he said. He stated that when the youth gets to know and love God better,all this Vigilantism and others would stop.

When he was asked whether he has any intentions of extending his branches to the Upper West region, he said it’s not part of his plans since he is an evangelist and its contempt as he goes round touching the lives of people worldwide,he said ” you don’t need a branch to preach the word of God
He thank the president of GHAFES UDS Wa Campus Emmanuel Owusu known much as Cute for bringing him all the way from United Kingdom to impact on the lives of the people of the Upper West Region.

Rev.Doctor Lawrence Tetteh finally prayed for the Chiefs,political leaders and all citizens of the Upper West Region and left his blessing on the land of the upper west region.

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