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I Would Rather Die Than Pay Fancy Gadam for a Feature – Maccasio

Award-winning Ghanaian rapper Maccasio has made a bold statement regarding his ongoing rivalry with singer Fancy Gadam. During an interview on DM TV with host Naa Damba, Maccasio declared that he would rather die than pay Fancy Gadam for a musical collaboration.

When asked if there might ever be a day he would consider featuring Fancy Gadam, Maccasio responded emphatically, saying, “On that particular day, I would just ask God to take my life.”

The two artists have been rivals in the Ghanaian music industry for years, despite working in different genres—Maccasio is known for his rap while Fancy Gadam is celebrated as a singer.

Recently, the rivalry was highlighted when both artists held events on different days and at different venues: Fancy Gadam’s All White event at a club and Maccasio’s All Black event at King David, both events were successful.

Currently, Maccasio has released a new track titled “Zomni,” featuring Ricch Kid, while Fancy Gadam has been featured by Omario CK on the song “Victim.” Both songs are available on all digital platforms.

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