I wish PRUMAS will really give us something different this year – Empire Boi|OneMuzikGh

Abdul Aziz known much as Empire Boi is one of those personality with the Upper West Entertainment industry at heart and has recent voiced out some important issues, which when taken care of, will surely give the Upper West Music a different face.

He expressed his desire/wish to the organizers of PRUMAS, which is the most highest awards rated in the Upper West music fraternity, in a post on Facebook. According to him, he wish PRUMAS will,

  • Broaden/ expand their promotion. Where he added if they could at least get in touch with at least some of the TV stations in the north to help hype and portray it to the country so that outsiders will also have the chance to see the talent in our region. And also emphasize wishing to see more posters, flyers and banners than usual.
  • He again said, ” Artists in our region are very talented obviously, but one thing they are lacking which is not their fault but sometimes financial issues is collaboration with big artists outside the region. I think it will even shows how standard and unique PRUMAS is if they could help connect some big act outside the region if not two or three artist but at least our over all artist of the year with a video. It will help sell our artists and also brand our MUSIC AWARDS system.”
  • And last but not the least, he added that,”the style of voting for an award, I don’t think the 100% voting is helping our artists at all because it’s just like buying the award at long last. Assuming a lap top is Ghc 1,200 and artist and his fans voted about Ghc 1,000 or even more to win it,what impact has it to the artist??

He how ever commemorate the organizers of PRUMAS for the good job they’ve been doing.


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