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I have stopped certain things because I am getting old; I Now Go To Church – Shugatiti

Ghanaian actress and social media influencer, Shugatiti, has recently opened up about her transformation and newfound spirituality as she prepares to embark on the journey of motherhood. In a candid interview with Zion Felix on YouTube, Shugatiti revealed that her impending motherhood has motivated her to make positive changes in her life, leaving behind certain aspects of her previous lifestyle that no longer align with her evolving self.

As she matures and recognizes her personal growth, Shugatiti has consciously chosen to abandon habits and activities that do not resonate with her present mindset. In her own words, she stated, “I have stopped certain things because I am growing, I’m getting older. Now, I go to church, and very soon, I will give birth, so I am changing.” This decision was entirely her own, and she has taken the initiative to attend church regularly.

Shugatiti expressed her commitment to this new phase in her life, highlighting her consistent attendance at church since she began. She shared her personal journey, revealing that she was initially born into the Assemblies of God church but was raised by her stepmother in the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC). As a result, she has decided to attend the ICGC branch called Open Heavens in her area, seeking a new family and spiritual guidance.

The actress emphasized that her choice to embrace spirituality was not influenced by anyone else. She attended church for the first time a few weeks ago and has been devoted ever since. Shugatiti shared, “Since I started, I haven’t skipped… nobody preached to me, nobody convinced me because where I am coming from, we are not united like that. So, I needed a new family that, when you face any challenges, you can go to them aside from worshipping God.”

Known for her roles in Ghanaian movies and music videos, Shugatiti gained popularity for her provocative dressing style and sensual performances on social media. However, her decision to prioritize personal growth and spirituality demonstrates her willingness to evolve and leave behind aspects of her previous image that no longer resonate with her current path.

As Shugatiti prepares to embrace motherhood, her transformation serves as an inspiring reminder that personal growth and change are integral parts of the human experience. By consciously making positive changes and seeking spiritual guidance, she is setting an example of self-discovery and self-improvement for her fans and followers.

With her newfound commitment to her evolving self, Shugatiti’s journey into motherhood promises to be a transformative and empowering experience. As she embraces change and spirituality, she embarks on a new chapter, inspiring others to embrace personal growth and make positive choices aligned with their authentic selves.

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