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I Had No Idea ‘Happy Day’ Was A Political Song; I Thought We Were Praising God – Kuami Eugene

Kuami Eugene, a musician signed to Lynx Entertainment, has stated that he was unaware that Sarkodie’s “Happy Day,” in which he features, was a political song.

Sarkodie, a multi-award-winning rapper, recruited Kuami Eugene to produce a song titled “Happy Day” a few months before the Ghanaian general election in 2020. According to a portion of the lyrics, “Nana Toaso” was an endorsement phrase for President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

After just a few days of release, the song sparked controversy among music fans and entertainment industry executives, with some criticizing Kuami Eugene for agreeing to be in a song that was thought to have a political message.

In a recent interview, the “Angela” singer admitted that he had no idea that the song was a campaign song. The rapper had sent him a part that said, “It’s a beautiful brand new day,” and he was supposed to provide a hook for it. Later, he found out the hidden agenda behind it, but he didn’t have the power to make a decision on his own.

“I had no idea that was the direction it was going. Sarkodie will bear witness to the fact that he sent me the song with the first rap It is a beautiful brand new day. That was all l had and so I was supposed to create a hook that matches that. His idea was like giving praise to God, and so I wrote a chorus that was giving praise to God, and so I had no idea that it was going to turn into something controversial in
the media,” he disclosed in an interview on the Delay Show in April 2023.

“It was on set when I heard the second verse, I was taken by surprise, I turned to my manager and we both laughed. It is not my conversation to have, it should be my label and Sarkodie’s label.he didn’t send me the ‘Nana Toaso’ part, I could have given him a call”‘ he noted.

He continued, “My mum phoned me and questioned why I was getting myself involved in politics because I had just started. She told me that Sarkodie had spent 10 years in the game already and I was just getting started. I told her that I had no idea.”

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