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Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards: “Artiste Of The Year” Winners From 2019 To 2023

The 5th edition of the Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards culminated in the crowning of a new musical monarch. Fasetwo, with his outstanding contributions to the music scene, etched his name into the prestigious history book as the “Artiste of the Year” winner for 2023.

In a category that featured formidable contenders such as PANDY, KUNDIVI MAHAMA, Gingsen, Nambawan, Ayuune Sulley, and Fresh Faya, Fasetwo’s triumph marked a significant achievement, reflecting the diverse and competitive landscape of Upper East’s music industry.

The Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards, launched in 2019 by One Luv Entertainment, has been a beacon for recognizing and celebrating outstanding musical talents in the region. Over the years, artists have captivated audiences and left an indelible mark on the show across various categories, including “Song of the Year,” “Rapper of the Year,” “Best Collaboration of the Year,” “Reggae-Dancehall Artiste of the Year,” and “Best New Artiste of the Year.”

The “Artiste of the Year” category, standing as the pinnacle of recognition, has been a focal point of discussions, controversies, and debates throughout the award ceremonies. Notably, no artist has clinched this coveted award twice in consecutive years, adding an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to each edition. Rockcity Bongo stands as a unique case, being the only music group to claim the prestigious title of “Artiste of the Year.”

Here’s a retrospective look at the “Artiste of the Year” winners from 2019 to 2023:

  • 2019: B-Wayne
  • 2020: Rockcity Bongo
Rockcity Bongo
  • 2021: Nambawan
  • 2022: Pandy Bobby
Pandy Bobby
  • 2023: Fasetwo

As we applaud Fasetwo’s well-deserved victory in 2023, we also celebrate the rich tapestry of musical talents that have graced the Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards stage, shaping the musical narrative of the region.

The legacy continues, with each passing year promising new stars, memorable performances, and timeless contributions to the vibrant music culture of Upper East. Congratulations to Fasetwo and all the past winners who have left an indomitable imprint on the annals of this prestigious awards ceremony.

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