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Ging Sen: A Young Hip-Hop Marvel Set to Thrill Patrons at the Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards 2023

In an exciting revelation, young Hip-Hop sensation Ging Sen is gearing up to deliver a thrilling performance at the upcoming Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards 2023. Known for his unique style that transcends Ghanaian norms, Ging Sen is set to captivate the audience with his distinctive sound, diction, and top-notch production.

Throughout 2023, Ging Sen has consistently raised the bar in the music scene. From his impressive covers like “WOWO” and “LIBIANCAS PEOPLE” to his own releases such as “UPSETTER” and “SKENG,” Ging Sen has showcased unwavering commitment to excellence. Notable collaborations with artists like Billymore and Carlblingx have further solidified his position in the industry.

Ging Sen, who recently dropped “BAD4U,” is contemplating bringing it back to streaming platforms. He plans to kickstart the upcoming year with a rap song, an EP announcement, and the revelation of his first show.

The Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards 2023 will witness a stellar lineup of performers, including Pandy Bobby, Fasetwo, Ging Sen, SmallGad Wayzoor, Acidic Ranking, Flames Boy, Try Cee and ExSyde Family. Ging Sen has garnered multiple nominations, including “Artiste of the Year,” “Best Rap Performance,” and “Best Video of the Year,” among others.

To support Ging Sen in the awards, fans can cast their votes by dialing *365*300# on all networks, entering the nominee code, specifying the number of votes, confirming the nominee’s name, and completing the voting process with their mobile money pin. Each vote costs GHC 0.50 pesewas.

Under the theme “5 Years of Awarding Excellence,” the 2023 edition of the Happy Man Bitters – Upper East Music Awards is set to take place on January 5th, 2024, at Gnat Hall, Bolgatanga. Ticket information includes Regular tickets for $20 and VVIP tickets for $100. It promises to be a night of celebration and recognition in the vibrant Upper East music scene.

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