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Ghanaian Musicians Wiyaala and Atongo Zimba Make History in World Listening Post’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Ghanaian musicians Wiyaala and Atongo Zimba have achieved global recognition as their songs have been listed among the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time by World Listening Post. Wiyaala’s “Village Sex” and Atongo Zimba’s “No Beer in Heaven” have secured their places on this prestigious list after a comprehensive two-year review of songs from various artists, countries, and languages.

According to Alan Tigay, the publisher behind the list, the aim was to judge the songs within the context of their cultural milieu and consider what music critics and listeners from different communities would deem as the greatest. Tigay explained that while multiple sources were sought for every element of each entry, sometimes a single source was sufficient.

Wiyaala’s “Village Sex” holds the position of number 419 on the list, nestled between Russia’s Pussy Riot’s “Chaika” and Swedish pop supergroup ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” Released in 2018, Wiyaala described the song as a reinvention of a traditional village song sung by women and girls before marriage ceremonies, poking fun at the eager groom.

Village Sex by Wiyaala Occupies 419 Spot on the World Greatest Songs


Leading the ranking is Atongo Zimba’s 2005 hit “No Beer in Heaven.” Atongo Zimba shared that the song serves as advice to those who drink excessively, emphasizing the importance of moderation to ensure a long and enjoyable life.

No Beer In Heaven by Atongo Zimba occupies 316 Spot on the World Greatest Songs

Other African artists featured on the list include Soum Bill of Ivory Coast, Aziza Brahim of Western Sahara, Franco & TPOK from DR Congo, Abdel Halim Hafez from Egypt, Femi Kuti from Nigeria, Henri Dikongué from Cameroon, Hamelmal Abate from Ethiopia, Mohamed Rouicha from Morocco, Warda Al-Jazaira from Algeria, and many more.

Wiyaala and Atongo Zimba’s inclusion in the World’s 500 Greatest Songs list not only celebrates their individual talent but also puts Ghana on the global music map, showcasing the rich diversity and creativity of Ghanaian music to the world.

You can access the full list here

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