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Ghanaian Boxing Star Freezy MacBones Ditches Ghana For UK

Boxing sensation Seth Gyimah who is widely known as Freezy MacBones ditched Ghana to fight under the United Kingdom despite initially applying to the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA) for a license to represent the West African country.

The GBA president Abraham Neequaye revealed that the 33-year-old changed his mind at the time the association were responding to his application which was just before his famous fight that made the headlines some weeks ago.

“We sent him a message and he can confirm it, Neequaye told Romeo TV

“Before his fight in the UK, he had come to Ghana to get a license from the Ghana Boxing Authority.

“He came for our license, but when it was time to get a release letter from us, he changed his mind and decided to fight as a UK national.”

The boxer earned national recognition in April after achieving a triumph over Darryl Sharp at the Copper Boxing Arena located in London.

He participated in a preliminary match during the Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang main event emerging victorious by means of a unanimous decision by the judges. This marked his second official boxing bout since departing from Ghana and settling in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, his manager Thaddeus Adomako had hinted that Freezy MacBones was set to return to the ring on June 16 with an undisclosed boxer.

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