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Ghanaian Artiste Zarious Advocates for Industry Professional Development in Upper East Region

Ghanaian singer Issaka Hamza, popularly known as Zarious, recently took to his Facebook page to address a pressing issue faced by artistes in the Upper East (UE) region. Zarious highlighted the significant challenge of the lack of industry professionals equipped with the necessary “technical know-how” to guide artists through the journey from underground to mainstream success.


In his post, Zarious refrained from blaming individuals but shed light on the collective struggle faced by artistes in UE. He emphasized the need for local industry persons or “gatekeepers” who possess the expertise to manage artists effectively, drawing parallels with accomplished industry figures like Richie and Bulldog.

Suggesting a proactive solution, Zarious proposed organizing teaching or learning seminars facilitated by experienced Ghanaian industry professionals. The objective is to impart valuable knowledge, share insights, and equip local talents with the strategies employed by successful artiste managers.

Zarious looks forward to the positive changes and strengthened connections that could result from implementing such initiatives in the new year, fostering a new approach towards artiste management and development in Upper East.


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