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Gbewa College of Education: SRC President Deposed Over An Attempt To Rig Election

The administration of the Gbewa College of Education in Pusiga, Upper East, has instructed Abudu Razak, President of the Students Representative Council, to resign from his position over an attempt to rig an election.

The Gbewa College of Education trainees went to the polls on March 30, 2023, to choose a new class of executives to lead the Student Body for the 2022–2023 academic year.

An allegation made by some concerned students of the institution against the current SRC President marred the voting process, which was anticipated to be successful and free of unprecedented obstacles.

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The students claim that Mr. Abudu Razak attempted to hack the voting system and manipulate the results to assist his favorite candidate in winning the election at all costs. The students discovered this malicious behavior and reported it to the principal.

The election was halted by the college principal, who appointed a committee to investigate and determine whether or not the allegation was true.

After Mr. Razak was found guilty of the allegation, the institution’s academic board unanimously issued a statement on Monday, April 17, 2023, directing him to resign and allow his Deputy President Adongbono Christabel Adongo to take over as SRC President.

The Statement Reads;

It would be recalled that on 30th March 2023, the SRC conducted elections to elect new executives.

This was later marred by allegations of fraud and prompted the Principal of the College to set up a Committee to investigate and establish the veracity or otherwise of the

You were made to appear before the committee, which came out with the following findings:

That you handled the elections unilaterally without the involvement of the SRC Electoral Commission
That you had an interest in the elections, which undermined your neutrality and thus compromised the process

That you also failed to include the level 400 students, a decision you unilaterally took after you and management had agreed to include them.

That you failed to give a listening ear to the contestants when they detected anomalies in the process.

Based on the above findings, the Academic Board unanimously upheld the committee’s
the recommendation that you are no longer suitable to continue occupying the high office of SRC
President of the College and must be removed.

You are therefore to step aside immediately and hand over to your Vice President Adongbono
Christabel Adongo.

It is hoped that this will serve as a good lesson to you and also guide the conduct of future SRC presidents.

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