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Free SHS Food Suppliers Threaten Legal Action Against Government Over GH¢200m Debt

The National Food Suppliers Association has issued a stern warning to the government, stating that it will pursue legal action if outstanding debts owed to its members are not settled promptly. The association expressed its discontent with the government’s lack of communication regarding arrears that have remained unpaid for the past two years.

Frustrated by the government’s failure to address the issue, the association has set a deadline of Friday, June 16, 2023, for the debt to be resolved. Starting from Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the Food Suppliers announced plans to hold a series of pickets at the premises of the National Food Buffer Stock Company as a means to demand payment for the arrears.

Despite various attempts to engage with the government and obtain the over GH¢200 million owed to its members, the association claims that its efforts have been in vain. Kwaku Amedume, spokesperson for the association, expressed their resolve and stated that empty promises from the government would no longer be sufficient to appease its members.

Amedume highlighted that the value of the money owed to the association has significantly depreciated over the past two years. Consequently, the only recourse left to ensure that the government fulfills its obligations is to initiate legal proceedings. He emphasized that the association would seek interest on the outstanding amount, considering the prolonged delay and the expenses incurred in the pursuit of the owed funds. Furthermore, they would pursue damages and compensation as deemed appropriate by their legal representation.

The National Food Suppliers Association’s decision to take legal action underscores the growing frustration among suppliers who have supported the Free SHS (Free Senior High School) program. As the government faces mounting pressure to settle its debts, the outcome of this situation will have significant implications not only for the suppliers but also for the future of the Free SHS program and its associated policies.

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