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Fancy Gadam’s Manager Jamal Bamba Responds to Sista Afia’s Allegations of Concert Sabotage

The aftermath of Sista Afia’s “Queen Solomon” concert held at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale has been marked by controversy as she alleges sabotage by Fancy Gadam’s team. In response to the singer’s claims, Jamal Bamba, the Business Manager of Fancy Gadam, known as Fantaface, has stepped forward to set the record straight.

Sista Afia’s accusations revolve around the belief that her concert was intentionally undermined because she did not include Fancy Gadam or Maccasio in the lineup of performers. Despite billing several popular artists, including Medikal, Lasmid, Fad Lan, Wiz Child, Ataaka, Mr. Drew, Kwame Yogot, and S3fa, the lights were repeatedly turned off during her performance, seemingly to disrupt the show.

According to the singer, she had contacted Fancy Gadam and they had negotiated a fee for his appearance. However, when it came time to pay him, she claimed he ignored her messages, adding to her frustrations.

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Fancy Gadam’s manager, Jamal Bamba, took to the comments section of the TV3 publication to refute these allegations. He acknowledged the respect for Sista Afia and her team but disagreed with her assertions. Jamal explained that he had advised Sista Afia’s manager to reconsider the timing of the concert, as Tamale is a Muslim-dominated region, and hosting a concert immediately after Ramadan might not yield a large turnout.

He stressed that hosting a successful stadium concert in Tamale requires months of groundwork and dedication. Fancy Gadam, Maccasio, and other northern-based artists put in significant efforts to achieve those impressive crowd turnouts seen on social media and television. Their concerts are not hastily organized within a short period.

Jamal emphasized that Tamale and the creative arts industry in the region are welcoming to artists from all over the country. He cited examples of renowned artists like Sarkodie and Stonebwoy, who have found success by understanding and respecting the local dynamics. He reiterated that Fancy Gadam’s team would never sabotage a colleague’s concert, and their doors are always open to collaborate and support fellow artists.

In conclusion, the dispute between Sista Afia and Fancy Gadam’s team highlights the challenges of organizing successful concerts in different regions of Ghana. While the truth behind the sabotage allegations remains disputed, it is essential for artists and their teams to respect local nuances and work together to create memorable experiences for their fans. Collaboration and mutual understanding are key to fostering a thriving and harmonious creative arts

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