The Business Manager of Fancy Gadam, Jamal Bamba better known as Fantaface has responded to the claims made by Sista Afia concerning her Queen Solomon concert at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale.

According to the singer, the concert was sabotaged because she didn’t bill Fancy Gadam or Maccasio to perform, despite billing the likes of Medikal, Lasmid, Fad Lan, Wiz Child, Ataaka, Mr. Drew, Kwame Yogot, S3fa among others.

“The whole show was sabotaged because I didn’t have Fancy or one other artiste on the bill. So they kept removing the plugs. When I stepped on stage, after 2 seconds, they took the plug, and all the lights went back off. They kept doing it even before I went on stage.”

She added that she contacted Fancy Gadam, and they bargained and finally came to a consensus on a certain amount, but when it was due for her to pay him, he started ignoring her texts.

She added that “We did everything possible. I mean, we did the prom, and we met the Chiefs. We did everything you are supposed to do when it comes to Tamale.

“We contacted Fancy. I contacted both of them. Then he (Fancy) gave me an amount that I have to pay, and we bargained. And the minute I was about to pay, he wasn’t answering my text.”

Commenting on the issue, Fancy Gadam’s manager, Jamal Bamba discredited the allegation by setting the record straight that he advised the singer’s manager to put a hold on the concert but they didn’t listen.

He wrote in the comments section of the TV3 publication that “Respect to sista Afia and her team but I disagree with her assertion. We know what goes into putting up a stadium concert hence wouldn’t do anything that will deprive a colleague from having a successful concert. As Fancy Gadam’s business manger who understands the dynamics of our market I advised your manager about the timing of “The king Solomon concert” in Tamale. I told him Tamale is Muslim dominated and there was no way you could get large number at a concert coming off immediately after Ramadhaan. People become holy (fasting and praying) for thirty days and wouldn’t start partying immediately is over. Sounds hypocritical but such is the reality. I expected sister Afia’s manager and her team to look into what I said and possibly lace up with their local organizing committee (LOC) to reschedule an appropriate time for the concert. instead, their focus was only on getting
Fancy Gadam and Maccasio on the concert.
Fancy Gadam, Maccasio and other northern based acts do a lot of ground works before putting concerts at the Aliu Mahama sports stadium.
Those footages you often see on social media and TVs with huge crowds are results of several months of hard work and dedications. None of them puts up such concerts within a space of three weeks to one month.
Tamale is a lovely place and our creative arts industry is friendly to all creatives across the country, you simply have to do the right things (Sarkodie and Stonenwoy) can testify.
Our doors are always opened and we look forward to hosting you at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium someday with huge numbers. Cheers 🥂.”

SOURCE: OneMuzikGh.Com


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