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The multi-award-winning Northern music ruler who has dropped hits from back to back, Ahmed Mujahid Bello popularly known by his stage name as Fancy Gadam aka 1DON has cried out for peace in the Northern Music Industry.

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The Northern music industry is one of the industries that is tagged the controversial industry because of how the entertainment pundits and performing artistes behave towards each other.

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According to Fancy Gadam, those entertainment pundits calling for peace are clueless and ignorant and all they do is to force them to come together just to advantage their own endeavors.

“Dear Northern Ghana-based Artist, let’s be brothers and friends genuinely, don’t let this clueless and ignorant so-called “entertainment pundits” forcefully make us friends just to prove healthy competition and makes us enemies for their own entertainment. I swear I love y’all.” He said!


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