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Fad Lan’s ‘Therapy’ EP Hits 200k Streams Barely A Week

Fad Lan’s latest project, the ‘Therapy’ EP, has achieved a significant milestone, amassing an impressive 200k streams across digital platforms just one week after its release.

Released on February 2, 2024, initially on YouTube and later spread across other digital stores, the ‘Therapy’ EP showcases Fad Lan’s musical prowess and emotional depth.

Comprising three tracks, the EP takes listeners on a soul-stirring journey. Starting with ‘Numb’, Fad Lan explores his emotions, expressing a longing to distance himself from a world tainted by insincerity. Produced by Ssnowbeatz, this lead track sets the tone for the EP.

The EP continues with “International”, a heartfelt anthem where Fad Lan confronts doubters head-on, declaring resilience in the face of obstacles. Produced by WebBeats Bryte, this track captures Fad Lan’s vision of real-life events and delivers a powerful message wrapped in talent.

Concluding the EP is “Survivor”, where Fad Lan finds solace in faith and family, reflecting on life-altering experiences with gratitude. Produced by Ovation Beats, this melodic track serves as the triumphant finale of the ‘Therapy’ EP, showcasing Fad Lan’s resilience and journey towards greatness.

Fans are encouraged to download and share these tracks, as Fad Lan continues to captivate audiences with his musical talents.

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