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EL Comes Clean: Ghana’s Rap Prodigy Apologizes for Spinning Tales

In a surprising twist of honesty, Ghana’s own hip-hop sensation, Elorm Adablah—better known as EL—has publicly expressed his contrition for a bit of a mischievous fib. The Vodafone Ghana Music Awards’ 2016 Artiste of the Year sent shockwaves through his fanbase, affectionately dubbed the ‘Eliens,’ with a candid admission that his previous yarn about moonlighting as a food delivery guy in the US was, in fact, a little sprinkle of creative storytelling.

The confession came to light during a heart-to-heart with Andy Dosty on the hit show Daybreak Hitz, where EL revealed his previous interview on 3Music TV was more fiction than fact, a stunt designed to stir the pot and create a buzz. And buzz it did—the story had fans and the entertainment industry alike abuzz with chatter.

Not one to shy away from the spotlight, today EL took a humbler route and turned to Twitter to bare his soul to his loyal Eliens. His tweet, infused with regret and a no-more-monkey-business promise, read: “Done a lot of things but One thing I’m really sorry about is lying to my fans on that interview. Love My Eliens too much and yall didn’t deserve it. No more stunts I promise.”

It’s a bold move in the world of showbiz, where the line between reality and performance often blurs. EL’s stunt may have been a misstep, but his apology seems sincere. As the dust settles, fans are left to ponder: will EL’s pledge hold true, or is the temptation to conjure up another headline-grabbing tale just too enticing?

Only time will tell, but for now, let’s give a round of applause for EL’s honesty. After all, it takes guts to own up to your capers, and that, dear Eliens, is no stunt. 🎤💔🙏

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