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Efya Explains Why She Refuses Some Gigs; Says “Not Every Money Is Good Money”

In a music industry where opportunities to perform seem abundant, Ghanaian songstress Efya stands out for her discerning approach to accepting gigs. The multiple award-winning singer, known for hits like “Super Super,” recently opened up about her selective process, emphasizing that not every opportunity is worth pursuing.

In an interview with Andy Dosty, Efya shed light on her decision-making when it comes to taking on shows. “I turn down shows, I don’t take all the shows. Not every money is good money. And as a child of God, I have the eyes to see,” she explained. This perspective reflects Efya’s commitment to maintaining artistic integrity and ensuring that her performances align with her values.

The “Best in Me” singer elaborated on the various factors she considers before committing to a gig. One crucial aspect is the production quality, as Efya emphasized the importance of meeting certain needs to deliver a performance of the highest quality. Her dedication to excellence extends beyond financial considerations, focusing on the overall conditions that contribute to a memorable and impactful show.

“Sometimes it could be from the production, and if certain needs are not met, it won’t be able for me to perform up to my highest quality, and at that point, I will have to say no, which is one thing I’ve had to learn how to say because I was a very ‘Yes’ person,” Efya shared. This ability to prioritize her artistic standards over immediate gains reflects a maturity and depth in her approach to her craft.

“I could be hungry, but I won’t sell my soul,” she added, underscoring the importance of maintaining authenticity even in the face of challenges. Efya’s commitment to quality and authenticity remains unwavering as she navigates the industry with a purposeful stance.

As Efya continues to promote her latest “No Tears” EP, her selective approach to gigs not only speaks to her commitment to her craft but also sets an inspiring example for emerging artists navigating the balance between artistry and commerce.

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