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Editor’s Lens: Supporting Musicians doesn’t mean giving them Money

I often hear most people say they don’t have money to support musicians. I also heard most musicians stating that people don’t support them and that’s to say they are ignorant to what support means when it comes to support in the creative art industry.

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Supporting musicians doesn’t solely rely on monetary contributions; there are various ways in which you can show support and appreciation for their craft. Ways you can support musicians are however put together by OneMuzikGh.Com and they are not definite.

Share and promote their work:

Social media platforms have made it easier than ever to connect with and support musicians. Follow them on various social media platforms and share their music, videos, or upcoming events with your friends and followers. Sharing their work amplifies their reach and helps them gain more recognition.

Engage with their content:

Interacting with musicians’ social media posts, music videos, and website content helps increase their visibility and reach. Comment, like, and share their posts, and leave positive reviews or feedback for their songs and albums. This engagement not only encourages the artist but also helps to build a supportive community around them.

Attend live shows:

One of the most effective ways to support musicians is by attending their live performances. Not only does this help to create a vibrant atmosphere, but it also provides artists with income from ticket sales. Additionally, attending shows demonstrates your genuine support and enthusiasm for their craft.

Follow and subscribe to their Channels:

Show your support by following and subscribing to their official social media channels on streaming platforms (such as Spotify or Apple Music), social media platforms (like YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter). This demonstrates long-term commitment and helps boost their stats and visibility on these platforms.

Provide constructive feedback:

Artists appreciate feedback that helps them grow and improve. If you genuinely enjoy their music but feel they could enhance certain aspects, offer constructive criticism to help them refine their craft. This shows that you are interested in their development as an artist.

Request their music on radio stations and streaming platforms:

Many independent musicians struggle to have their music played or featured on popular radio stations or streaming platforms. Be proactive and request their music to be played on your favorite local radio station or create playlists featuring their music on streaming platforms to help increase their exposure.

Buy merchandise:

Purchasing merchandise such as t-shirts, albums, or other branded items directly from musicians is an excellent way to support their work. Merchandise sales often provide a significant portion of musicians’ income and help them continue creating music.

Join their Fan base page on social media:

Joining a musician’s fan base pages allows you to stay updated on their latest news, releases, and events. It also provides musicians with a dedicated fan base and serves as a source of support and motivation.

Supporting musicians goes beyond just financial contributions. By engaging with their content, attending live shows, and sharing their music, you are 1oo% contributing to their success and helping them thrive in their creativity space. Musicians as well should be previewed to know the various support that they get from the netizens.

Thank you for reading to this point, share for others to enjoy.

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