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Dr. Pushkin’s Remarkable Debut: Outlandish ‘North2South’ Experience Thrills Audiences and Musicians In Accra And Bolgatanga

Ghana’s very own Dr. Pushkin, renowned for his conscious music intertwined with life’s realities, made a triumphant return to his homeland in September. This time, not only did he engage in conferences aimed at advancing AI development in Ghana and Africa, but he also orchestrated two spectacular concerts in Accra and Bolgatanga, where he hails from, marking his first appearance as a headliner at a major event.

Outlandish: North2South (N2S) Experience, an innovative musical extravaganza that seamlessly blends live performances with music seminars, was brought to life through the efforts of Isolirium Entertainment. Dr. Pushkin, who also happens to be an AI expert, demonstrated his unwavering passion for both music and technology by curating these memorable events.

The inaugural phase of this musical journey unfolded on September 9, 2023, at the Alliance Francaise in Accra. The stage was graced by a stellar lineup of artists, including Rockcity Bongo, Soorebia, Tradey, Kwadwo Spirit, J. Kanjaga, AVIT, and others. It was a night filled with captivating performances and musical camaraderie.

The second phase of the North2South Experience took place on September 16, 2023, at the Jocom Golden Hotel in Bolgatanga. Despite a sudden rain shower threatening to dampen spirits, Dr. Pushkin, along with fellow artists like Nikita Ataman, Soorebia, Nambawan, Saruata, and many more, delivered awe-inspiring performances. When rain threatened to interrupt the event, both performers and audience members stood their ground, moving the show indoors to a club, ensuring the music didn’t stop.

These back-to-back events were designed to foster collaboration among artists and strengthen their relationships. With record labels diminishing in our part of the world, artists are increasingly required to navigate the music industry independently. Dr. Pushkin’s vision with Outlandish is to equip musicians with essential business knowledge and encourage more collaborative efforts, elevating their status and experiences to new heights.

Outlandish: The North2South (N2S) Experience is powered by the Khaya Language Translation App and supported by Algorine Inc and Isolirium Entertainment. These events serve as a follow-up to the successful OFFGRID stage, offering a promising path forward for the music industry in Ghana and beyond.

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