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DOWNLOAD Mp3: High Spirit Seg – Art of War (Ratty Bangarang Diss)

In a surprising turn of events, talented rapper and singer, High Spirit Seg, has unleashed a scathing diss track titled “Art of War,” targeting fellow artist Ratty Bangarang and the DJs of Upper East. The Frontline artiste of Shurum Empire has not held back in expressing his frustration and calling out those he believes have disrespected him.

High Spirit Seg claims that he played a significant role in shaping Ratty Bangarang’s career, and therefore, he should show him more respect. He alleges that in the Upper East Music Industry, when artists pay DJs to promote their songs, some DJs still prioritize playing tracks by their favorite artists, even if they haven’t paid them. It is this unfair treatment that has fueled High Spirit Seg’s latest musical offering.

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The diss track serves as a direct response to Ratty Bangarang’s own diss track titled “I Don’t Want Peace,” in which subtle shots were aimed at High Spirit Seg. “Art of War” is a powerful retaliation, with High Spirit Seg using his lyrical prowess to deliver hard-hitting verses and emphasize his disappointment in the industry’s politics.

To experience the full impact of High Spirit Seg’s message, listeners can tune in to “Art of War” by following the provided link [HERE]. This diss track not only highlights the artist’s ability to express his emotions through music but also sheds light on the sometimes murky dynamics within the music industry.

As fans eagerly await Ratty Bangarang’s response, one thing is certain: High Spirit Seg has proven his resolve and unwillingness to back down in the face of adversity. This diss track marks a significant chapter in the ongoing saga between these artists, igniting further interest within the music community. DOWNLOAD IT BELOW;

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