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Don Little Allegedly Arrested for Knocking down motorbike rider

Renowned Ghanaian actor, Don Little, recently encountered a legal quandary following an unfortunate incident in Kasoa, Central Region. The unfolding events occurred as he hurriedly rushed a distressed friend, grappling with suicidal thoughts, to the hospital.

Witnesses on the scene recounted that Don Little, attempting to navigate through a cluster of motorbike riders on the road, inadvertently collided with one of them. Despite fervently sounding his horn in an effort to clear the way, his attempts proved futile, resulting in the regrettable collision.

A police officer present at the scene alleged that the actor had assaulted him, claiming to have been slapped twice. Don Little vehemently refuted these accusations, underscoring that his singular focus was on expeditiously getting his distressed friend to the hospital. He emphasized, “He got to a place where there were motor riders on the way, so he blew the horn for them to give him way, but it wasn’t successful.”

Tensions escalated as the police officer insisted on Don Little’s arrest, culminating in the actor being escorted to the Kasoa police station. During the subsequent interaction with law enforcement, Don Little expressed disbelief, questioning the rationale behind his detention while earnestly attempting to assist someone in need.

“I was taking someone to the hospital, and one of the motor riders was in the middle lane, and I clashed with him. How can you allow the person I was taking to the hospital to go and arrest me?” Don Little queried during the police questioning.

This unfolds as a poignant snapshot of recent events involving Don Little, offering insight into the unforeseen legal entanglement stemming from his noble attempt to aid a distressed friend. Stay with us as we unravel the full story and delve into the intriguing details that transpired during this unexpected episode.



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