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Abieriba Jonah known much as Dj Cupid openly declares that some Djs are the major cause of bad market in the Dj’ing career.

He made this claim on an interview on GBC Radio Upper West on the award winning entertainment show E-hub Hosted By Ike about how market is in Dj’ing. Expressing his concerns on how bad market is, DJ Cupid further explained that aside event organizers who play a part in the bad market, Djs themselves should most be blamed. He stated with authority that most of his colleague Djs take the career for granted hence go to play at events without really going in terms and conditions with organizers. “Djs play for the fun and fame forgetting that fun and fame can’t put food on their tables” he said, and this he termed as self-disrespect. He added that his colleague Djs are ready to play for free in shows that they should charge for to also grow their brands and this paints their career cheap in the eyes of the general public and most specifically in the eyes of event organizers.  DJ Cupid called on his colleague Djs to turn down shows that are not ready to go into terms of payment since it is disrespect to their career.

 On same interview, he narrated his experience with Mercury Quaye, a senior DJ and CEO of Ghana DJ awards where he was called a low branded DJ whilst he is considered one of the most branded DJs in the Upper West Region. He used this experience to caution his colleague Djs in the region to work hard since they still have a long way to go and must therefore, they should start with all seriousness now.

DJ Cupid is the personal DJ to Stunner, one of the good musicians in the Upper west region. Aside being a club DJ and an event DJ, he is considered one of the most branded Djs in upper west and shows so much passion for his career. He started seriously with his career in 2014 and has worked with Sungmaale FM, Home Radio, The guys pub, and now working with Queens valley night club, De fugitive night club,  Royal Cosy Hills (Jirapa Dubai) and many others. He has also played in many great places outside upper west including celebrity’s pub in Accra and most recently at Ghana DJ awards pub fest in Tamale. He hopes for a nomination in the upcoming Ghana DJ awards. He is certainly one on the best Djs who is taking upper west Djing to the highest level.

Story : Ike & Ali Abdul Samad


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